Innovation & Technology Area

Main Contacts:

Reason:  In response to the current digital environment companies are transforming their business models and have chosen to position themselves on the Internet. However, this positioning brings new risks and responsibilities.

Our legal services:

  • Contracting with suppliers (licenses, web developers, hosting, domain names, etc.)
  • Documentation for the corporate website and / or the corporate profile in social networks (policies, terms of use, purchase conditions, etc.)
  • Enabling payment systems (to receive money through the Internet)
  • Protection of the image and reputation of the company on the Internet.
  • Protection of brands, slogans, logos, domain names, sounds and images used by the company on the Internet.

Reason:  Many business initiatives impact the privacy of individuals and Costa Rica has specific regulations on personal data protection.

Our legal services:

  • When designing, developing and implementing products and services.
  • Registration of personal databases and adaptation of the company to the current regulations.
  • Risk management on privacy and protection of personal data.

Reason:  Local entrepreneurship grows and energizes our economy. Some initiatives take the form of "startups" and others are SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

Our legal services:

  • As part of the development and protection of new business models.
  • As part of the development and protection of new products and services (software as a product and as a service, applications, etc.)
  • Contracting with suppliers and business partners.
  • Advice and support regarding funding issues.

Reason:  The information handled by the companies is in digital format, and cybercrime and security threats are constantly increasing.

Our legal services:

  • Creation and adaptation of management systems and policies to ensure information in companies.
  • Creation and adaptation of mechanisms to prevent cybercrime within the company.
  • Obtaining digital evidence sources for internal affairs and legal procedures related to the company.

Reason:  Companies must transform to survive in the market and achieve stability. This transformation is a global process that implies important changes in the way the people who make up the company act, its internal processes, its portfolio of products and/or services, its strategic partners and the technology used.  In short, we are talking about an integral transformation of the company that must have an original design and execution.

Our legal services:

  • Support for specific innovation and transformation projects.
  • Adaptation of the company in the digital environment, from four axes:

                     Management: human factor and innovation.

                     Social: marketing and communications.

Technology: knowledge management and information assurance.

Legal: corporate compliance and risk management.