Facio & Cañas was founded in 1942 by visionary attorneys who, by doing so, gave rise to the first modern law firm in Costa Rica and changed forever the practice of law in the country.  To this day Facio & Cañas remains a referent of the Costa Rican legal profession. 

Our team of highly qualified lawyers in a diversity of subjects is guarantee of a consistent legal service and the highest level of excellence.  The attorneys’ academic formation and professional experience keeps us abreast on trends and dynamics and on the global economic, allowing us to offer a comprehensive service and high benefit in the region.

At Facio & Cañas we excel, our service transcends the client´s expectations.  Our goal is to go beyond our responsibility as lawyers, keeping the needs of our customers in the forefront at all times, in order to offer optimal customized solutions to achieve the most efficient service.

We act with integrity in each one of our relationships, including customers, counterparts, government officials, judges, employees, partners, and the public in general.  Ethics and excellence are our reason for being.