Business Stories in the Central American Region

Facio & Cañas is listed as one of the companies with most Historical significance in central America , in the series “Business Stories in the region”, Summa magazine.

Alliance with Telecom

Facio & Cañas signs a strategic alliance with Ciber Regulación, a boutique consultants firm, to create a new division on  the subject of Telecomunications.  The alliance incorporates three new attorneys to the firm: Juan Manuel Campos, Andrés Oviedo and Abraham Madrigal, Experts in This innovative field.

Environmental practice is reinforced

The firm strengthens its environmental practice by recruiting specialist Marietta Lizano, LL.M., who is now in charge of this area for the firm.

New Image

Facio & Cañas  transfers its offices to the Sabana Business Center, 11TH Floor,  in the best corner of the city of San José,  as part of its strategic growth plan.  In Addition, Facio & Cañas Redesign it´slogo and corporate image.


Three Attorneys are Promoted to Parners

Sergio Solera, a young and dynamical real estate and corporate law attorney; Luis Sánchez, director of Fayca Laboral, the firm´s department of labor law; and Federico Torrealba, a renowned litigator in civil and criminal white collar matters, were incorporated as partners of the firm.

Latin Lawyer recommended firm in Costa Rica

One of the signature firms IN COSTA RICA, Facio & Cañas maintains an impressive client list, no doubt DUE TO the fact that a significant number of its lawyers are regarded as the country's best.”


Chambers and Partners recommended firm in Costa Rica

“A solid and resilient operation with a loyal international clientele.”

Latin Lawyer recommended firm in Costa Rica

"Well connected internationally, the firm is part of Lex Mundi, as well as Club de Abogados, highbrow alliances of attorneys.”


Ranked as the 23rd most admired company in Costa Rica

Facio & Cañas was listed in place 23rd of Costa Rican most admired companies to work in, based upon its reputation and professional projection, in EKA’s special, “Costa Rica Employment 2008."

International Financial Law Review 1000

Facio & Cañas is such a force within Costa Rica that one competitor said: "They are the strongest by far, and have been able to transition to the next generation; they are the McDonald's of Costa Rican firms.

Ranked the 273rd most important company in Costa Rica

Facio & Cañas was listed in place 273rd of Costa Rica’s most important companies, in EKA’s special “The Costa Rican 500 2008”.


Host of the Regional Lex Mundi Latin American and Caribbean Conference

Facio & Cañas organizes the regional Lex Mundi Latin American and Caribbean Conference.

Chambers and Partners

"The Firm: This legal powerhouse is, in the words on one interviewee, 'the biggest, oldest, best-established, most traditional and most admired law firm in the country."

Latin Lawyer

As ever, Facio & Cañas upholds its position as Costa Rica's largest law firm, with an impressive portfolio of both domestic and international clients, including the largest investors in the country.


International Financial Law Review

"Both the biggest firm in Costa Rica and the most recommended."

Chambers Global

A++ Rating Facio & Cañas has been ranked as number one in the most recent evaluation.

Estratégia y Negocios Bussiness Journal

Facio & Cañas is the law firm with the highest ranking in Costa Rica. The purpose of this report was to establish the best law firms in Central America and the Caribbean.


Representative of Lex Mundi

Facio & Cañas is appointed exclusive representative of Lex Mundi in Costa Rica.


Facio & Cañas

In 1977 the firm changes its name from “Facio, Fournier & Cañas” to “Facio & Cañas.”


Facio, Fournier & Cañas

On 1946 the firm changes its name from “Facio & Facio”  to “Facio, Fournier & Cañas.”



On december 23, 1941, Rodrigo Facio and Gonzalo Facio graduated with honors and receive the very first two law degrees awarded by the then law school of the University of  Costa Rica.  At the beginning of 1942, they both found “Facio & Facio” law firm.